• Tim Muddiman


I love the new year. I love the weight of the previous year on NYE and lightness and optimism of the year that lays ahead.

I guess this could be put down to the method of trying to find out how one works. What are all the questions for ? What are the visions? What are the melodies? What do they mean? anything?

I want to update and write a little most days on this blog. Just thoughts and updates. Write about the great feelings of finishing and designing new pieces and moan to you all about the struggles of navigating to the many end points that will be on many horizons. This will be a prolific year for art work.

When I have free time, (hopefully later). I want to open up the blog to allow people to write their own threads, start debates, share music, art, literature or anything interesting and have place to just come and hang. I hope this is possible on the wix platform that I build my site on.

In the next day or two I'll have information about the abstract art exhibition that starts next week. Comms have been a little slow due to the festivities of late.

In other news I turned down an exhibition in Mayfair London yesterday. It was a pay to display kind of fair and it didn't seem worth it. Maybe the gallery will reply with a better offer. Let's see.

Okay ,. Signing off.