• Tim Muddiman


Pleased to say the sale is going pretty well. Massive apologies for the absolute assault of posts on the socials but gotta keep the momentum up in times of sale. ya know?!.

The sale ends tonight at midnight so grab 20% discount if you're toying with the idea. Cool.

thought i'd attach an old demo. I actually can't remember writing it. Thats shocking. Dunno if its any good or what but its about a dude I know/knew who had a bit of fame when he was young and lived in the memory of his said fame. Last I knew he was soaked in alcohol and lost his mind. Damn.

A few people have asked if I could make this picture attached to the demo a print available to buy in the store. Would anyone be up for that? I wouldn't want to do it too big because the picture is not Hi Res but could do A5 signed and numbered for £35.00. A quirky edition to an expanding array of images! Lemme know. just thoughts.